Shawn Meyer

Shawn Meyer is married to his wife Kay and they have seven children. Shawn serves as an elder and has also served as our senior pastor since 2007. He has a keen mind and is a gifted and capable teacher of God’s Word.

Picture of Shawn Meyer

Phil Bange

Phil Bange is married to Caroline and they have four children. They are also active as foster parents. Phil has been on staff since 2005 and has been on the elder team since 2013. His ministry efforts are focused on teenagers, families, and music.

Picture of Phill

Bill Schwieterman

Bill Schwieterman is married to his wife Jill and they have five children. He has served as an elder since 2009. Bill is employed as a District Sales Manager for Specialty Hybrids and also manages a farm with his extended family.

Picture of Bill

Terry Schroyer

Terry Schroyer is married to his wife Ann and they have 6 children. He is employed with Celina Insurance Group.

Picture of Terry