Aletheia Christian Church


Thanks for Visiting our Site

We hope to give you a quick snapshot of who we are, what we believe, and what we are all about.
First and foremost, Aletheia Christian Church is a group of believers in Jesus Christ. He is our Savior. We strive to worship and obey Him together.
Our manual is the Bible. We believe it is God’s communication to us. Therefore, we take it seriously. That alone sets us apart from many churches today whose identities and missions are mostly determined either by their affiliations, their traditions, or by the culture.
When we say we are devoted to "truth over tradition; people over programs; [and] worship over amusement" it’s not a catchy slogan that we paid some marketing group to come up with for us. That’s just who we are because it’s a partial expression of what the Bible says a church should be.

Truth over Tradition

Truth is greater than tradition. Christ’s Church is supposed to be about proclaiming the truth and living it out. That’s why Aletheia doesn’t get caught up in certain practices and habits just because they’ve characterized us in the past. If we have a church picnic one year, for example, we may or may not have it the next. There’s no command in the Bible either to have a church picnic or not. So it’s up to the individual church.
The church in America is full of people who have taken their eyes off Christ and are serving themselves. Such is the person who demands that his church family hang on to old traditions at all costs. Church leadership which caters to such individuals is not serving the Savior faithfully. For Aletheia, to the extent that a tradition helps us grow in our knowledge and obedience to the truth, we’ll probably keep it around. The moment we discover it no longer helps us fulfill the mission of the church, we must discontinue the tradition.

People over Programs

Partly because of an unbiblical loyalty to traditions, many churches are over-programmed. One day, a need arises for a program. A few years down the road, the program outlives the need. But, of course, someone is going to get his feelings hurt if the program is axed. So the program, stale and useless as it is, hobbles on.
Everyone is running ragged because so much is going on at once. Nothing is excellent because the resources are spread thin. And, really, no one is being ministered to very well because it’s just a bunch of busy work- keeping the programs alive.
Programs are supposed to serve people; not the other way around. There’s nothing in the Bible that says we must have a Sunday School program, for example. Nothing in there about a small group for divorced couples. Nothing in there about a nursery. All programs are optional. At Aletheia, no program is safe. Only if they make sense and help people will we consider them.
Above all, Aletheia is a family that is committed to one another. We aren’t simply people who meet together once a week. This isn’t a club. Our lives are interconnected. When one member hurts, we all hurt. When one member rejoices, we all rejoice.

Worship over Amusement

Finally, we’re not into entertainment. Aletheia isn’t going to seem like the right church for someone who is looking to feed his need for a thrill. Oh, sure, we often use guitars and drums but those are not an end in themselves. Rather, they only serve to help us exalt the God who is worthy to be praised. It’s not about the instruments we use or any particular style. The content of the song is what matters. We choose to sing songs that teach about God and raise our appreciation for who He is and what He has done for us through Christ. Many, many songs--both hymns and choruses--are self-centered and not Christ-centered. Despite their popularity in churches, we will not sing them when we meet together. It’s not about man’s preferences; it’s about God’s glory.
We hope this has been helpful. If you decide to visit us some Sunday--and we hope you do--don’t feel pressure to dress up. Again, the Bible is our manual. And there’s nothing in the Bible about dressing up to meet with fellow believers. Whether you want to wear a tie or jeans and a t-shirt is entirely up to you. We aren’t a church of rules.
Maybe you are thinking, "I don’t even think I believe the Christian message." If that’s the case, we’d love to have you visit and give us a chance to see if we can help you with any questions you have. We certainly won’t judge you for being honest about your doubts.
Your ultimate well-being is directly tied to your relationship with Jesus Christ, not with us. Yet, it is vitally important for all Christians to be a part of Christ’s church. To state it more strongly: there is nothing in the Bible that would suggest you can even be a Christian while refusing involvement in a local church! Whether it is Aletheia or another church that truly believes, proclaims, and struggles to live out the teachings in the Bible, it is our hope that you become deeply committed to a local body of Christ-followers.